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Heritage Statements

Heritage Statements are normally raised within the council planning process, forming part of the application. Similar documents can also be generated by other authorities. They provide guidance for subsequent decisions. Some are the result of comprehensive research and/or extensive archaeological evaluation.

A selection of past statements are linked below (PDF files).

Wilmington Plantation, Freshwater
Historical and archaeological evaluation of the area.

Farringford Hotel
How the property developed under its various occupants.

Farringford Hotel (appendices)
Including a history of Freshwater Parish.

Newtown Estate
Historic Environment Records covering the area.

The Stables and Walled Garden at North Court, Shorwell
Historical background and assessment of the structure.

Atherfield Holiday Park
Historic Environment Records covering the site and surrounding area.

West Wight Landscape Partnership Area
Historic environment audit, raised by the County Archaeology Service.

Military Features in Fort Victoria Woodland
Survey carried out by the Isle of Wight Industrial Archaeology Society.

Knowles Farm & St. Catherine's Hill and Down estates
Historic landscape survey commissioned by the National Trust.

St. George's Way, Newport
Cultural Heritage Assessment, prompted by the Asda development.

Medina Avenue, Newport
Archaeological evaluation, including test trenches.

South Street, Newport
Report on test trenches producing medieval pottery (scanned text).

Little London, Newport
History of the area and assessment of existing properties.

BAE, Northwood
Archaeology report on Iron Age excavations preceding Aldi development.

Barton Manor Estate, Whippingham
History of the site and the surrounding landscape.

The Swiss Cottage, Osborne House
Historical development of the Swiss Cottage Quarter and its heritage value.

Waitrose, East Cowes
Archaeology and a history of East Cowes (scanned text).

Heasley Manor Farm, Arreton
Historic background and area archaeological evidence.

Seaview Yacht Club, Landing Stage and Slipway
Historical and archaeological background to the site.

The Old Sea Wall, Brading
The history of Brading land reclamation and assessment of the wall remains.

The Brading Experience
Archaeological evaluation of land to the rear of the site, including test trenches.

Land between the Ashlar and Shalfleet Church, Ningwood
Assessment of existing heritage features and historical background.

Supermarket development at Lake
Historical and archaeological background to Lake.

Newport Old Grammar School
Survey of the building and its historical development.

Quarr Abbey Stables
Covering the stables and a general history of Quarr Abbey.

The St Lawrence WWII bunker
A survey of the radar site and its wartime sgnificance.

Archaeological and Palaeo-Environmental Survey of Ventnor Undercliff
Evidence for ground movement and coastal change.

Newport Harbour Historic Area Assessment
A survey of existing heritage assets and the history of the area.

Archaeology Report on the George Hotel Yarmouth
Archaeology arising from a watching brief on development.

Archaeology at Steephill Ventnor
A report on archaeology carried out as part of the proposed offshore facility.

Archaeology at Pan Estate
Archaeology arising from a watching brief on the Pan housing development.