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Up-dated : May 2005.



The Encyclopedie is a huge 18th century French encyclopedia of information, accompanied by clear, detailed engravings. It is particularly useful for researching industrial / domestic / agricultural / military processes of the mid 18th century.
The Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris have made it available online, as well as a whole host of other primary sources, through a sub-website called Gallica.
UNFORTUNATELY the pages are only in French at the moment but do not fret because Auntie Seemore is hear to guide you through its foreign language intracacies!

1. Click on this link : Gallica
N.B. This link will open up in a new window so that you can still continue to read these instructions.

2. At the top of the home page, you will see the following menu:

Click on the word "Recherche" in the red box.

3. You will see this screen:

Mots du titre = title words
Auteur = author
Sujet = subject

In the field for Auteur, type in the word "diderot" and press the Return key.

4. The next screen will show you a list of items that answer your search for diderot. Each item is numbered and has one or two icons on the left side thus:

The book icon is a link to images of each page of the work in pdf format.
The file icon takes you to a citation for that work. [N.B. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to access these pages]

For a translated list of the encyclopedie books, see below.
Find the item you are interested in and click on the book icon.

5. The first page will load and you will see a screen thus:

Click on the red word Pagination.

6. The new page will have a coloured, numbered contents strip down the left hand side thus:

The arabic numbers refer to the pages of text while roman numerals usually refer to engravings, pictures etc. By clicking on them, you will be automatically taken to that page or picture.

A pink background is used for the arabic numbers.
A green background is used for the roman numbers.
A yellow background is used for pages that are not numbered.

Since the images are in pdf format, you can use all the usual tools for saving, printing, copying etc.

List of Book titles
Agriculture = agriculture
Antiquités = antiquities
Artisanats au 18ème siècle = craftsmen in the 18th century
Arts de l'habillement = art of dressing [fashion]
Arts de la céramique = art of ceramics [pottery etc.]
Arts des mines = art of mining [extractive industries]
Arts des textiles = textile arts
Arts du cuir = leather arts
Arts militaires = military arts
Astronomie = astronomy
Blason, art héraldique = coat of arms, art of heraldry
Chasses, pêches = hunting, fishing
Chirurgie = surgery
Ebéniste en meubles et voitures = construction of furniture and vehicles
Fabrique des armes, escrime = maker of weapons, fencing
Fonderies = foundries
Forges ou L'art du fer = forges or the art of iron
Gravure et sculpture = engraving and sculpture
Histoire naturelle : [poissons, insectes, plantes, minéraux] = natural history [fish, insects, plants, minerals]
Histoire naturelle : mammifères, oiseaux = natural history [mammals, birds]
Horlogerie = clockmaking
Imprimerie, reliure = printing
L'art de la soie = art of silk
L'art du tourneur = art of wood-turning
L'art du verre = art of glass
Lutherie = making of musical instuments
Maçonnerie, marbrerie = masonry, marble-work
Menuiserie, marqueterie = carpentery, marquetry
Métallurgie = metallurgy
Monnayage, travail de l'or = coin-minting, gold-working
Orfèvrerie, joaillerie =silversmiths, jewellery making
Petits métiers du bois = woodcrafts
Sellier-carrossier, charron = saddler , cartwright
Serrurerie = lock-making
Théâtres = theatre
Travail du fer = iron working