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History of
Bembridge Isle

Reclamation of Brading Haven

Etymology of

Except possibly for a period of time in the Iron Age, the area of Bembridge peninsula has not played a significant part in the history of the Isle of Wight, due to its isolated geographical position at the east end of the Island. In the past, the whole area was virtually an island, hence the name of 'Bembridge Isle', cut off at high tide by a tidal waterway, called Brading Haven, with which the history of Bembridge is intimately connected. And so until the 19th century, due to the difficulty of access from the main central island, Bembridge remained a number of isolated farmsteads and hamlets. The aim of this site is to consider certain aspects of the historical development of Bembridge Isle since the Iron Age, focussing mainly on the period since 1000 A.D. and in addition it will try to address some of the more puzzling questions that have been asked over the years.    CONTENTS