objections against Ambrose Thelwall

(JER/WA/ )
objections against Ambrose Thelwall haveing a reserving Clause inserted in an act of parliament to be made this sessions of Parliament Intitled an act for quieting ye Minds of the subjects by preventing Clames from ye Crowne after soe many yeres quiet injoyment in relation to his pretended write to ye Drowned lands at Bimbridge in ye Isle of Wight

That in the year 1621 (Dureing ye Minority of Sr. Hary Worsley) Sr. Hugh Middleton obtained a grant from K. J: 1st of ye Drownded lands of Bimbridge aforesd under pretence of its being a haven that in ye yeare 1623 The sd Sr. Hugh Middleton conveyed ye same grant to Sr Bevys Thelwall who thereupon penn'd out or debarred the water from drowning or overflowing ye sd. Land & at ye same time aporcioned or sett out some small parcell of ye Drownded land for ye same Sr. Hary Worsley which lay adjoyning to ye wall or fence made for secureing ye same from being overflowed as aforesd. In order to bring ye sd. Sr. Hary Worsley into some Charge for maintaining ye sd. wall or fence That ye sd Sr Hary Worsley not takeing any notice of such parcell of land soe sett out for him as aforesd the water broke in againe over yt pt of ye wall supposed to belong to ye sd sr Hary Worsley & drownded ye whole land as before whereupon ye sd Sr Bevyes Thelwall brot his action agt. ye sd Sr Hary Worsley for severall thousand pounds damage wch ye sd Sr Hary Worsley defending (proveing his title to all ye sd drownded land) & a faire tryall the sd Sr Bevyes Thelwall was cast And after yt ye sd Sr Bevyes Thelwall obtained a new tryall in wch he was likewise cast And soe likewise in severall other tryalls the sd Sr Hary Worsley proveing it to be drownded Marish land & not a Haven
That ye sd Bevys Thelwall findeing his title deficient desisted any further prosecution And ye sd Sr Hary Worsley on his ejectmt had possession delivered him of ye sd drownded land (in or abt. ye yere 1652) by ye Sherriffe by digging & delivering him a Shovell or spitt of Mudd.
That ye Lds of ye Mannour of Woolveton at Bimbridge aforesd (to wch ye sd Drownded land belongs) allwayes appointed who should fish in ye water yt covered ye sd Land & gave them power so to doe, And likewise to forbid & hinder others from fishing there And those psons yt had Lease soe to fish yearly pd a Cube [in margin "a cube is a yard every way"] of fish as an acknowledgemt for soe doeing And ye sd Lds of ye sd Mannour cut or caused to be Cut ye sedge yt grew in ye water on ye sd drownded land & used (sic) sold it annually for thatching.
They had likewise an acknowledgemt pd them in foull by those who had Lease to kill wilde fowll on ye sd drownded land.
That in ye year 1657 : Sr Hary Worsley grants a lease of ye sd drownded lands to Mr. Dickenson & Mr. Hutchison for 99 years under a Certaine yearly reserved rent.
That ye sd Mr. Dickenson & Mr. Hutchinson knowing their title to be good under ye sd Sr Hary Worsley layd out a great some of Money in penning out ye water from ye sd Land which was in a maner so sealed But throw ye Carelessness of some Imployed in ye sd worke ye water broke in againe
That ye sd Mr. Dickenson & Mr. Hutchinson not being anywayes lett or hindered in endeavoring to regaine ye sd Drownded land wod. have been at ye Charge of a 2d attempt in recovering ye same And offered to borrow 500 li: C : of are (sic) Sd Sr Hary Worsley for yt purpose But not being able to raise money were forced to desist
That ye sd Drownded land hath been peacably & quietly enjoyed by ye Sd SR Hary Worsley & his successors ever since abt ye year 16[blank] who have allwise had ye fish fowll & sedge yearly ever since, without any manner of molestation or disturbance wtsoever & have granted liberty to Certaine psons to fish & fowll there & forbid others
And ye present Sr. Robert Worsley as Ld of ye sd Mannr. of Woolveton at Bimbridge aforesd (for some years since gave liberty to ye writeing under his hand) to some pticular psons to fish in ye sd water payeing an annuall acknowledgemt in fish for soe doeing & thereby gave them power to hinder others from fishing there.