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Robert Hooke

Extracts concerning Grace Hooke, Sir Robert Holmes, John Hooke and Robert Hooke's servants.

Source: The Diary of Robert Hooke M.A., M.D., F.R.S. (1672 - 1680)
Edited by H.W. Robinson & Walter Adams. (London, 1935)

The following abbreviations appear:DH
s or sh
Dined at Home
post prandium

The symbol that Hooke uses to denote an orgasm was the Pisces symbol, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, with its associations of Venus and Cupid.
The spelling and punctuation have not been altered.

Information required:

During 1674 (22, 24 April; 24, 30, 31 May) and 1675 (18, 19 Aug.), Robert Hooke mentions some sort of medical treatment that seems to have required the ingestion of various doses of vomit, usually some one else's. On 22 April and 24 May 1674, Hooke spaeks of also using a feather to induce vomiting. Any information on this 'treatment'(?) will be gratefully received.

Contact Rob Martin:

1672 August 25
Grace dind with me.

1672 August 26
at Bartholomew fair with Grace. Shows 2 1/2sh.

1672 August 31
Saw B___ Hooke...Bought Graces Necklace of Pargeter for ____.

1672 September 2
Grace went to school after dinner.

1672 September 12
Nell lay ____.

1672 September 13
Bloodworth here, when he resolved to continue to have Grace and to send me his dymands next day.

1672 September 14
...Home. 40sh from Brother. Isle of Wight mayd lodgd here.

1672 September 16
At Sir Th. Bloodworths.

1672 September 17
Sir Th. Bloodworth.

1672 September 21
Sent letter to Brother about T. Bloodworth.

1672 September 22
At home, shavd Grace.

1672 September 28
To Sir Th. Bloodworth.

1672 October 1
I took spirit of urine and laudanum with milk for three preceding night. Slept pretty well.

1672 October 6
DH. with Grace.

1672 October 9
¥ Nell.

1672 October 13
At home till 4. writ to Brother, and received 20sh for farthings and a basket of grapes.

1672 October 14
sent for Bloodworth.

1672 October 15
Talkd with Bloodworth and told him Brother's answer, he desird time to answer.

1672 October 27
Sent for Grace from schoole.

1672 October 28
Played with Nell - ¥. hurt small of Back.

1672 October 29
Sent to Mrs. Windsor by Nell £4 3s. Graces Quarteridge.

1672 November 4
At John Baptists I blew blood out of my right nostril with some pain which I had not two months before. Smelling quite lost, noyse in my head.

1672 November 10
Received from Brother J. Hooke by Hewet for Grace's bord £4. Grace sent for. Rectifyd study.

1672 November 11
25sh. farthings from Hore, sent to Brother Hooke.

1672 November 15
Gave Nell 30sh for Graces clothes

1672 November 19
Grace's gown brought home cost 27s. 6d.

1672 November 25
Grace went into the country with Mr. Lee by the Portsmouth coach.

1672 November 28
Nell ¥, slept not well.

1672 November 29
Nell ¥.

1672 November 30
Cozen J. Hooke dangerously sick.

1672 December 2
Slept ill with Nell ¥ supra.

1672 December 22
Mr. Gidly let me blood 7 ounces.

1672 December 21
Received from Brother 1 goos, 1 hare, 20 poultry.

1672/73 January 5
Isle of Wight Abbot gave Turky.

1672/73 January 6
Bought a bed from Brother at 10d. 54sh. besides carriage.

1672/73 January 11
drank wormwood beer for Dinner. slept a little after, head akd much. went to bed very sick Nell watchd. Dr. Grew here. Slept pretty well after head ake took Spiritus cornu cervi about 5 mane agreed well. Slept well and rose well next morn after it.

1672/73 January 26
Nell lay with me. ¥. Slept ill.

1672/73 January 28
about 5 I had the first fitt of hypocondriacall wind very violent after tasting Elccampane spirit.

1672/73 January 30
Nell lay with me ¥.

1672/73 February 2
In the afternoon I found myself much better spitting much and also voyding by the nose but the following night slept very little and disturbed, but I sung much which made me not hear the noyse in my head.

1672/73 February 9
Nell slept with me. Mens.

1672/73 February 15
Received from Brother Hooke 2 fowles and the state of accounts between us. writ this account since the 8th.

1672/73 February 20
Chid Nell about Western.

1672/73 March 6
Lent Brother 1/2 crown. repaid.

1672/73 March 16
Nell took Andrews.

1672/73 March 17
...Dr. Pell here and Mr. Hill. Sir R. Worsley.

1672/73 March 19
Cutt my hair short with scizzors and caught cold in my head.

1672/73 March 30
Memento to write to Brother about shells.

1673 April 7
Slept little. Nell ¥. sweat.

1673 April 8
Slept well after 12. Nell ¥.

1673 April 9
Nell ¥.

1673 Saturday, May 24th
home ¥ Nell. Slept well.

1673 Wednesday, May 28th
¥ Nell.

1673 Sunday, June 1st
Heard of Nells Lending £10 to a slut.

1673 Thursday, June 19th
made wormwood wine. ¥ ¥.

1673 Friday, June 20th
Drank wormwood wine. agreed well....Nell received of Sir Ch. Scarborough £5 which make £15.

1673 Wednesday, July 2nd
¥ ¥ first pierce.

1673 Saturday, July 5th
Nel sw(ived?) here and sunday morn but abroad till 9 at night at the lamp.

1673 Tuesday, July 8th
with Mr. Hill at Sir Th. Bloodworths:...

1673 Wednesday, July 9th
At Sir Th. Bloodworths. Tom Bartholomew gave his Discharge paper for Grace.

1673 Thursday, July 10th
Gave Nell 5sh. for making suit.

1673 Friday, July 11th
nell abroad all day. Lost dinner and supper. ¥ sweat.

1673 Saturday, July 12th
Sent to Brother for nosciters maid and Blodworth, Renegates. Dreamt monstrously.

1673 Monday, July 14th
Nell lay out all night.

1673 Tuesday, July 15th
Nell Received from Sir Ch. Scarborough 50sh.

1673 Saturday, July 19th
¥, Slept ill and sweat. Received Brothers answer noe maid.

1673 Friday, July 25th
Mr. Chamberlain told of Lady Viners death Kild by opium.

1673 Tuesday, July 29th
returned to Garways - ¥.

1673 Friday, August 15th
Cock here, wrought on tool...Slept pretty well. mane. ¥ Nell. Drank small beer and slept.

1673 Sunday, August 17th
Saw and spoke with Bette Orchard...writ to brother and sent a second coppy of T. Bloodworth's Release.

1673 Thursday, August 21st
Nell lay with me. ¥. Slept not well.

1673 Friday, August 29th
Nells cousin came out of country calld Bridget Taylor.

1673 Saturday, August 30th
writ this account, cleerd with Nell. Went ill to bed. Slept ill.

1673 Sunday, August 31st
Nells husband returned, shee lay with him that night and ever since.

1673 Thursday, September 25th
Resolved to cleer - Blackburne and Bridget and to have a new maid.

1673 Saturday, September 29th
paid Nell her last quarteradge 20sh and dischargd her.

1673 Wednesday, October 8th
Mrs. Tues mayds both gon. new maid proferd. at Dean Tillotsons. Mrs. Tillotson told me her Diet drink.

1673 Thursday, October 9th
Caught a great cold possibly by Leaving off slippers.

1673 Saturday, October 11th
a Hare from Brother.

1673 Tuesday, October 14th
DH. Gave Bridget 5sh. Lent Aubery 20sh, he promised to pay it.

1673 Thursday, October 16th
Hired Doll Lord.

1673 Tuesday, October 21st
Dol Lord first came this evening.

1673 Thursday, October 23rd
at Mrs. Tues, Mary Robinson willing to come to me.

1673 Sunday, October 26th
First began to drink Madam Tillotson Physick ale agreed well.

1673 Wednesday, November 5th
at Mrs. Tues. saw Mary Robinson.

1673 Thursday, November 6th
Bridget went away.

1673 Friday, November 7th
at Garways Drank Tea and smokd. both much disorderd me.

1673 Wednesday, November 19th
Goody Tues about maid.

1673 Saturday, November 22nd.
I Received the week before this 1 Letter from Brother, 1 from Grace Hook, but answered them not. Nell this week settld at Fleet Ditch.

1673 Tuesday, November 25th
Spoke to Doll about dressing.

1673 Thursday, November 27th
Writ to Brother.

1673 Saturday, December 20th
Received from Brother, coller of brawn 4 teate, he writ to have Grace come up.

1673 Sunday, December 21st
Doll swept room whilst cuppord open. I doubt something lost. reckond with Doll.

1673 Monday, December 22nd
Bought Grace a pair of Red pendants 6sh. Gave Nell for Graces knots, 11sh.

1673 Saturday, December 30th
Doll Sat up till 4 p.m. n. fe ¥ - MB. slept till 9 next day.

1673 Tuesday, December 30th
Spoke with Bloodworth, Mr. Hill being by St. Anns coffe house. he desird discharge -

1673/74 Saturday, January 3rd
Nell brought home Graces coat 40sh....Letter from Brother - took senna.

1673/74 Sunday, January 4th
Hewet here. Writ to Brother, T. Bloodworth about Grace and for wild foule etc. DH...carrier here sent by him the coat knots and pendants - writ to Brother.

1673/74 Wednesday, January 7th
First felt Doll ¥. Taken with a great griping. Slept well after.

1673/4 Thursday, January 8th.
Write Kings speech to Brother.

1673/74 Monday, January 12th
Doll ¥ ill.

1673/74 Tuesday, January 13th
sent notes of parliament to Brother.

1673/74 Saturday, January 17th
Brother sent Goose 1s 6d. Received from Brother 51sh. by Harry from Hewet.

1673/74 Monday, January 19th
Harry paid Martin 8sh. 6d. for chymicall book for Brother.

1673/74 Thursday, January 22nd
Gave Nell 9 1/2sh. in full.

1673/74 Saturday, January 24th
Writ to Brother.

1673/74 Monday, January 26th
Brother and butter and apples. Dol washd room. Made fire to dry it. Slept well - much refresht.

1673/74 Friday, January 30th
Cut out Serge coat breeches and wastcoate for Nell. Watcht till 4 in the morn. ¥ Doll Felt. Slept 4 hours.

1673/74 Sunday, February 1st
of Hewet 9 1/2sh. in full.

1673/74 Friday, February 20th
Paid Doll £1 15s. 8d. Resolved to be quitt of her she being intollerable.

1673/74 Wednesday, February 11th
Harry fetchd home clothes from Nell.

1673/74 Saturday, February 14th
Received scales from Brother.

1673/74 Wednesday, March 4th
Doll sick

1673/74 Wednesday, March 11th
Doll sat up late. ¥. Sweat. Scourd with eating apples.

1673/74 Saturday, March 21st
Doll huffed.

1673/74 Sunday, March 22nd
Cleerd with Doll

1673/74 Tuesday, March 24th
DH. With Nell. Sent to Betta Ortyards – At Garaways.

1673/74 Wednesday, March 25th
Doll at her unkles...Minorys maid here.

1673/74 Thursday, March 26th
Proferd Doll 35s. She refused. She was at Dr. Cruns all day. Went away in the afternoon.

1673/74 Saturday, March 28th
Dr. Pell here to borrow money £10. I refusd him...At Nells 9d...Paid Mrs. Tue at Mrs. Storys 40sh. for Dols wages...8 fowl by Hewet sent to Betty Orchard by Harry. Betty Bradshaw Kild 2 hens.

1673/74 Sunday, March 29th
At home till 10. Walkd. B. Bradshaw: dressed, DH., and made bed. Hewet here. Malago, Tobacco.

1674 Friday, April 3rd
Agreed with Bette Orchard for £3 per annum and to try her till midsummer.

1674 Wednesday, April 22nd
Drank a gallon of plain posset and vomited with a feather much slime. Slept well after it.

1674 Monday, April 27th
Took Dr. Thomsons vomit. It vomited twice. Purged 10 or 12 times.

1674 Saturday, May 16th
Drank noe coffee. Slept pretty well.

1674 Sunday, May 24th
Took vomit. It wrought little but I fetched up tough fermenting flegme by feather. Dind on pudding. Sick p.p. Eat supper well. Slept very well. and was much Refreshd next morn...Nell brought me an abortive child from Blackfryers - which I put in Spirit of Wine in two shade glasses.

1674 Monday, May 25th
Sent Bette with 20sh. to buy Grace a gowne with Nell. Taylor here. It cost 25sh.

1674 Thursday, May 28th
I shewd Flamstead my quadrant. He is a conceited cocks comb: ….

1674 Saturday, May 30th
I had drank senna. Wrought well. Bought two vomits, one of Whitchcot, one of Child 7d.

1674 Sunday, May 31st
Took Childs vomit, Infusion Croc. Met.zi.

1674 Saturday, June 6th
Betty broke one of my white glasses...Set out Peirces house.

1674 Saturday, June 20th
Slept ill - Wrastled with Bette.

1674 Thursday, July 2nd
Nell here. Fetchd clothes.

1674 Monday, July 6th
At Mr. Newlands View 6 8d, Mark Lane...Lost my Cock by Bette's carelessnesse.

1674 Thursday, July 9th
Deliverd Sir Th: Bloodworth, Clays certificate to Tompion.

1674 Monday, July 13th
Mr. Gray brought token from Brother John. Saw Bette. Carrier here.

1674 Friday, July 17th
A letter from Brother about Graces coming up tomorrow sevennight.

1674 Wednesday, July 22
Betty broke glasse.

1674 Saturday, July 25th
Dreamt of ¥

1674 Sunday, July 26th
DH. Slept. First saw Betty ¥ Sl: Menstr: At Garaways. Early to bed. Slept ill. ¥.

1674 Sunday, August 2
Received from Hewet for Graces coat 25sh.

1674 Monday, August 3rd
Hewet for Graces coat 25sh...Writ to Brother John.

1674 Sunday, August 9th
Wrot to brother John of the losse of his letter.

1674 Saturday, August 15th
Betty turned out intollerably carelesse.

1674 Saturday, August 22
Letter from Brother.

1674 Saturday, September 5th
Grace came out of the country with a mayd.

1674 Saturday, September 19th
Grace out.

1674 Wednesday, September 30th
Paid Bette Orchard 15sh. for her quarter wages. Discharged her. Mary first came to serve me for 20sh. per quarter.

1674 Saturday, October 3rd
Hewet brought a letter.

1674 Tuesday, October 6th
Bloodworth spoke to Grace : She had ticket to billers. Put into bag £15 and reserved £10 to pay debts and necessarys. Wrote this account.

1674 Thursday, October 29th
Grace with Mr. Fitch at Lord Mayors shew...From Mr. Fitch 1sh, coach hire 1sh. Lord Mayor fell backwards from his horse before the King.

1674 Thursday, November 12th
Deliverd Nell 8sh. for Grace bodys and coat more upon Saturday 32sh. 6d. in all 40sh. 6d.

1674 Friday, November 20th
Cast up debts as followes. Due to me from Sir J. Cutler £225, from City £150, from Sir C. Wren £125, from Brother John £225, from Dr. Dacres, £15, from Royal Society £22 10sh. + £25, from T. Hewke 40sh., from Ingram 40sh., from Goodman 20sh., from Fleet Ditch £100.

1674 Thursday, November 26th
Received by Pettis 2 1/2sh. From Brother for Grace. Gave it her.

1674 Saturday, December 5th
Writ to Brother.

1674 Monday, December 14th
Sent Brother Perspective glasse by Hewet.

1674 Friday, December 25th
Went late to bed. ¥ in sleep sweat much and Disturbed.

1674 Saturday, December 26th
DH. Hewet disappointed me about 43sh. but sent it afterwards. I wrot to Brother for Grace to Learn French and for a rugg and that she had Rd and layd out the other Rugg money...Harry drew Grace her picture.

1674/75 Friday, January 1st
T. Bloodworth had attempted to see Grace.

1674/75 Wednesday, January 6th
Grace to Mrs. Storys.

1674/75 Wednesday, January 20th
Grace idle and untoward.

1674/75 Tuesday, January 26th
To Sir G. Ents. and Sir Ch: Scarboroug, Took silver box at Holburn Bridge for Brother 20sh. not paid.

1674/75 Saturday, January 30th
Harry grained Brother's Box.

1674/75 Wednesday, February 3rd
May & Grace out all afternoon... Grace amended. Slept disturbed.

1674/75 Friday, February 19th
Sent Silver tobacco box to Brother John Hooke by Hewet.

1674/75 Wednesday, March 24th
Mrs. Story here about Grace's divorce. I met Story at Garaways.

1675 Monday, April 5th
Received from my Brother by Cut Mills £20 for which I gave him a Receipt on Thursday.

1675 Thursday, April 29th
I paid Goldsmith at the Rose at Holburne Bridge 20sh. for Brothers tobacco box....Grace kept accounts -

1675 Wednesday, May 5th
Walkd with Grace round the fields to Nells.

1675 Thursday, May 6th
Removed Grace into turret.

1675 Friday, May 7th
Nell here about Grace.

1675 Monday, May 10th
Deliverd Grace to buy her Gowne £5 10sh.

1675 Tuesday, May 11th
Grace at Barnet with Mr. S. Cary, returned at 10N. Mary out all day.

1675 Thursday, May 13th
Mary & Grace out.

1675 Saturday, May 15th
Eat brothers Crab. ... Grace bought stuff for Gowne and paid for it and for petticoat £5 19sh.

1675 Tuesday, May 18th
Gave Grace chocolatt.

1675 Friday, May 21st
Walked with Godfrey, Peg and Grace.

1675 Sunday, May 23rd
Graces new gown and Petticoat made.

1675 Thursday, May 27th
Grace had of me this Whitsuntide £6 21sh. and from Harry 34sh. for her new gown petticoat and Knots. A rainy week she would not [go] out.

1675 Monday, June 7th
Spoke to Bloodworth about Cleering at Law.

1675 Sunday, June 20th
Grace and I drank Senna. It wrought well with me not with Grace.

1675 Saturday, June 26th
Received from brother John Hooke by Cut Mills £15 8sh. 6d.

1675 Sunday, June 27th
Nell here told me of Grace being with Trotter related by Sir W. Mews his man. She denyd.

1675 Thursday, July 1st
Mr. Chace and Grace drank two bottles Claret and 1 sack.

1675 Saturday, July 3rd
With Peirce and Grace to Whitakers...Harry left allone at home.

1675 Wednesday, July 7th
Sister Hooke hither.

1675 Wednesday, July 10th
... Neile, Newland, Diodati, at Garaways.

1675 Monday, July 12th
Tom Gyles come by carrier on Thursday, a pretty boy, good at Reading Arithmetic etc. his mind for sea.

1675 Saturday, July 24th
Sister into the Country and Grace and Tom.

1675 Monday, August 2nd
Hewk Received a letter from Robin Gyles about Thom.

1675 Thursday, August 5th
Write to brother about Grace and Tom Gyles.

1675 Friday, August 6th
Letter from Brother about Alvington.

1675 Tuesday, August 17th
At Nells Cut hair 6d.

1675 Wednesday, August 18th
Vomit from Hewk.

1675 Thursday, August 19th
To Bradfords view 6s 6d. Garaways. Took Hewks vomit it made me incline to vomit after 1 hour taking. It made me straine after 2 houres but brought up nothing. With drinking broth and feather I vomited a little but head and eyes much worse….Mrs. Kerry here about Grace. Letter from Brother to Grace…Was well refresht after vomit.

1675 Friday, August 20th
Bought Pendants for Grace 7s. 6d.

1675 Saturday, August 28th
Dreamt of ¥.

1675 Thursday, September 2nd
Vomited much by beer and feathers. Received from Brother, Grace's Abjuration.

1675 Friday, September 3rd
Writ to Sir J. Oglander and Brother by Hewet.

1675 Sunday, September 5th
Mary broke my glasse.

1675 Monday, September 6th
Spoke with Bloodworth on the (Ex)change. Lookd dismally.

1675 Thursday, September 9th
With Mr. Haak to Th. Bloodworth who promised release before a judge.

1675 Thursday, September 16th
To Thompions, to Bloodworths, to Mr. Hills.... To Bloodworth abroad met him on the change[exchange]. He promised to goe to Docters commons post prandium. I coppyd Graces Release and went in quest of him but found him not.

1675 Friday, September 17th
To Bloodworth with Thompion. I shewd him Graces Release. He went with me to Mr. Thompion to Mr. Newcourts house. Mr. Newcourt not within. We went to Lyons coffe house hard by where he writ his Release and Signed and Sealed it. Afterwards we went againe to Mr. Newcourt but he not being returned his two clarks being both Publique Notary saw him Signe it. Read it and Deliver it againe for the use of the party within named, and he paid them 6sh. and 8d. being their Demand for Registering it. Thence we went to Mr. Hills at Mr. Brooms where he Desird Mr. Hill to be witness to his Declaration and Discharge and he took of the Seal and Delivered it as his act and deed for the use of the party within named, where he took his leave and went away.

1675 Thursday, September 30th
Paid Harry for all the clothes of pictures 10sh. for two bills one for Royall Society 34s. 3d, one for Grace 34s. 3d, in (all) 78sh. 6d.

1675 Saturday October 9th
Sir J. Oglander sent to speak with me...Spoke with Sir J. Oglander.

1675 Thursday, October 14th
Graces muff and my bible wanting. Received from Brother John Hooke, pot of Honey, 5 quarts 15sh. He first told me 6d. per pound.

1675 Friday, October 15th
Sent Gown to carrier for Grace and writ to Brother John.

1675 Saturday, October 16th
Dind with Sir R. Redding at Blew Balcony in Haymarket with Deputy Governor of Isle of Wight and Davys.

1675 Tuesday, November 2nd
Wrought in Turret. Dined on Graces goos. Mary forgot filling...Drank much chocolatt at Garways and much at Home of my owne bought at 4sh. per 1lb to a miracle almost refresht by it but slept not. Pissd as cleer as rock water.

1675 Friday, November 12th
Received Letter from Brother about Alvington forme(sic).

1675 Friday, November 13th
Wrot to Brother about Avington's being too deer.

1675 Sunday, November 21st
Stayd within all day. - Hayley, one from the Isle of Wight. Mr. Haak: Chesse.

1675 Tuesday, November 30th
At Garaways, 2 dishes of chocolatt and smoked 3 pipes, agreed well.

1675 Thursday, December 16th
Wrote to Brother...I find tobacco doe no good without old malago. Vomited black stuff after.

1675 Wednesday, December 22nd
Made up £100 bag and put it to trunk which made ex. besides 0 in Bother John's hand, r from Montacue and r from Bedlam. 6 from City B from Sir John: put into small purse.

1675/76 Tuesday, January 4th
Garways. Isle of Wight Drayner. Discoursd Mr. Axe about bricks etc...

1675/76 Sunday, January 9th
At Garways. Discoursd with Harry about my undertaking to fly.

1675/76 Tuesday, January 11th
Drank chocolat. Smokd pipe.

1675/76 Thursday, February 10th
Write to brother proferd £4000 for Avington that I was rather for a life to doe good to freinds while I live.

1675/76 Friday, February 11th
Set out foundation in Seething Lane whose breadth was 22. 4'...Grace Made chocolate but heat it too hott without water.

1675/76 February 12th - 23rd
With Mr. Montacue at Nells and Mr. Boyles, Nell a daughter.

1675/76 Tuesday, March 14th
Ended Tobacco.

1675 Sunday, April 2nd
Tobacco 4d.

1676 Friday, April 21st
Fitted up Graces closet. Grace came out of the country by Portsmouth coach with Dr. Harrisons daughter. Brought me letter. To Nells drank wormwood beer.

1676 Saturday, April 28th
Wrote to Brother, put off Avington.

1676 Monday, May 1st
Lent Grace, Sherwoods French tutor, The Ruler of Civility, Bunworths Doctresse in French, Littleton.

1676 Monday, May 8th
Directed Grace about farindine breeches.

1676 Friday, May 12th
Grace made breeches Reckond with Mary. To Garaways. Pettis here with Grace. Mary went. DH...Grace began French.

1676 Thursday, May 25th
Mr. Hill gave Sir J. Hoskins, Aubery and I an account of Vertuoso play.

1676 Friday, May 26th
With Grace at Column to see the great fire in Southrick which burnd 8 or 900 houses...With Grace at Mrs. Mayors.

1676 Sunday, May 28th
With Scarborough and Grace to fire. Affronted by a soldier.

1676 Monday, May 29th
Spoke with Sir J.Oglander for Th. Giles.

1676 Thursday, June 1st
Morgan told me of play.

1676 Friday, June 2nd
With Godfrey and Tompion at Play. Met Oliver there. Damned Doggs. Vindica me Deus. People almost pointed.

1676 Sunday, June 4th
Isle of Wight man here with Grace.

1676 Thursday, June 8th
Fitch turned out at Paules. Grace a spy. Slept. Took senna.

1676 Wednesday, June 14th
Slept with Grace.

1676 Thursday, June 15th
Tom Giles came up by Hewet.

1676 Friday, June 30th
Began first to read algebra to Grace and Thom.

1676 Saturday, July 1st
In Mr. Montacues coach to Sir Chr. Wrens. Noe company. Virtuoso play.

1676 Monday, July 3rd
Read algebra to Thom. and Grace.

1676 Sunday, July 16th
2lbs of butter from Nell by Tom.

1676 Sunday, July 30th
Nell Young here. Advised her to µ dulcis.

1676 Monday, July 31st - Thursday, August 10th
I paid Nell 13sh. about making cloth suit.

1676 Thursday, August 24th
A Letter from Robin Gyles.

1676 Monday, August 28th
Grace lay out at Coxes on fryday,September 1. Cox here.

1676 Friday, September 22nd
....Home, all abroad. Grace and Tom at Southerick pier. Tom confessed all.

1676 Tues. Oct. 24th to Sat. Oct. 28th
Grace visited Mrs. Hill and shee Grace.

1676 Monday, November 13th
Grace at Carys from 8 m.(sic) to 10 p.m. Valeat.

1676 Saturday, November 25th
Mary's father with Grace.

1676 Wednesday, November 29th
Cote made by Grace.

1676 Wednesday, December 13th
Grace out. I resolvd to rid my self of her.

1676 Sunday, December 31st.
At home till 5. DH. (Due to me from Sir J. Cutler for six years and six months ending Xmas 1676 £325,...., Due from Sir Ch: Wren upon churches Account £150, Due from Brother Hooke upon Bond for Interest £200 for 4 years and more £50, ....

1676/7 Monday, January 1st
Lent Grace Little Play book.

1676/7 Tuesday, January 16th
Grace ¥, paid me 1sh.

1676/7 Thursday, January 25th
I wrote to Brother about Removing Grace.

1676/7 Friday, February 2nd.
Goos and Letter from Brother John.

1676/7 Sunday, February 4th.
Eat Goos, not well rosted made me very sick.

1676/7 Sunday, February 11th
Catched a great cold. ¥ Gr. ¥ G___

1676/7 Thursday, February 15th
Abundance of wine and Confidence. Cheated of a shitt. Slept ill.

1676 Friday, March 2nd
Wrot to Coz Giles. Would have sent Tom back by carrier Huet here, he cryd would not [go].

1676 Saturday, March 3rd
Grace ¥ .

1676 Monday, March 5th
Tost and ale agreed well. Grace perfecte intime omne. ¥ . Slept well.

1676/7 Wednesday, March 14th
To Garways. Grace out and fals. Tom read.

1676/7 Friday, March 16th
Letter from Rob: Gyles and a hare from Bother by Hewet.

1676/7 Monday, March 19th
Another [letter] from Brother Jo. Hooke to borrow £50.

1676/7 Monday, March 20th
Transcribed news of Mr. Godfrey and sent to Brother [loan] of £50.

1676/7 Monday, March 21st
Sent home Mr. Hills 6 foot telescope both by Thom. Grace mended farindine coate... fitted bell for Thom. Lent Bates and Tom, Dee's Euclid. ... Ocley here with Grace.

1677 Tuesday, April 3rd
Gr. B ¥ Drank small beer agreed well.

1677 Saturday, April 7th
I spoke with Thomson about Isle of Wight, about Alvington.

1677 Sunday, April 8th
Sent answer of Isle of Wight Thomson by Tom.

1677 Tuesday, April 10th
Grace at Leathersellers ball.

1677 Wednesday, April 11th
Grace at Grosgutts Ball.

1677 Wednesday, April 23rd
Walked with Grace and Scarborough till I was warmed.

1677 Tuesday May 8th
Sir H. Tulse spoke to me of Alvington. Man would not summon to City lands without order.

1677 Wednesday, May 9th
DH. Searl from Brother John.

1677 Sunday, May 20th
Drew Grace's Picture at Harrys.

1677 Monday, May 21st
Grace mended farindine coate....Ocley here with Grace.

1677 Staurday, June 2nd
Playd with Grace. ¥.

1677 Sunday, June 3rd
Playd with Grace.

1677 Sunday, June 6th
Grace gone to Bow with May Ker.

1677 Tuesday, June 19th
A letter from Brother J. Hooke to borrow £20 or £40.

1677 Sunday, June 24th
Walkd to Islington with Grace till she was weary. DH.

1677 Thursday, June 28th
I writ to Brother J. Hook about lending him £20.

1677 Saturday, June 30th.
Found cellar door open and Pettis with Grace. Tom asleep. Mary out.

1677 Sunday, July 1st
.....Tu Grace ¥

1677 Thursday, July 5th.
DH. Tu. Grace ¥

1677 Sunday, July 8th
Discoursd with Crawley, he accepted of diet and Lodging and to work for me.

1677 Wednesday, July 11th
Kind here for £20 for Brother.

1677 Thursday, July 12th
Paid Kind for Bowler upon Brother J. Hookes bill £20, Henry Hunt and Grace witnesses.

1677 Thursday, July 18th
Grace at Storys. 42 [Hooke's birthday].

1677 Thursday, July 20th
Jade Kerry here. Denyd her Grace, saw her afterwards with a blade in Morefeilds, she raild and scolded. Crawley continued to lye with Tom.

1677 Friday, August 3rd
Grace, Tom and Mary out.

1677 Saturday, August 4th
Wrote to Brother J. Hooke.

1677 Thursday, August 9th
Grace ¥

1677 Friday, August 10th
Cousen Grace into the Countrey. Paid Grace all to this day, as also 9sh.

1677 Sunday, September 2nd
Sir Jonas More and Lingar here, he told me of an absconding freind in the Isle of Wight, of his voyage with the King to Plinmouth.

1677 Wednesday, September 5th
A fellow from a Boatswain of Portsmouth about money. Twas directed to Thomas Hook of the treasury office in Broad street.

1677 Saturday, September 8th
At Jonathons, pewked a little which did me much good after eating a baked damosin. Wrote to Brother J. Hooke and R. Gyles to take home Tom.

1677 Sunday, September 9th
Tom Rored with creck…Dr. Diodati with Tom, judged he had the measles.

1677 Monday, September 10th
Tom Gyles very bad.

1677 Tuesday, September 11th
Gidly here refusd to let Tom Blood, his throat very sore and almost choked. Writ to Brother. Dr. Diodati here directed him to be Let Blood, by reason he had pissed blood all day and had bled at nose and at the mouth. At 8, Mr. Gidly and Mr. Whitchurch here, they let Tom blood in the arme about 7 ounces then under the tongue, this eased his throat, but notwithstanding he continued bleeding out of his throat and nose all the night as also pissed much blood.

1677 Wednesday, September 12th
I rose at 5 and calld on Gidly, he sent me to the Doctors. I spake with old Dr. King, he affirmd pissing blood is the small pox mortall, as did Dr. Mapletoft. These two with Dr. Diodati met at 9, concluded Tom irrecoverable. Mrs. Davys and Mr. Bates here. Tom spake very piously, began to grow cold, to want covering, to have little convulsive motions, and after falling into a slumber seemd a little refresht and spake very sensibly, and heartly, but composing himself againe for a slumber he ratled in the throat and presently Dyed. It was about 14’ after 12 at noon, he seemd to goe away in a Slumber without convulsions.

1677 Thursday, September 13th
Mrs. Kedges in Silver street to acquaint Hanna Gyles of Toms Death….Putt things in order for funerall, then to Councell at the repository, they accepted of me for Secretary pro tempore to write the Journalls without reward…Tom buried in St. Hallows church yard at 7 post prandium, attended by 50 at Least. Slept ill after wine and sweat in the morn. Dremt disturbd Dreames. Hewet here but a little frighted. Downes here.

1678 Tuesday, September 25th.
Writt to Sir Walter Young, and to Brother Joh. Hooke.

1677 Wednesday, October 3rd.
Letter from Brother John.

1677 Thursday, October 25th
Received a letter of Gratefulnesse from R. Gyles for Kindness to Poor Tom Gyles.

1677 Wednesday, October 31st.
At Nells 4d. heard of Sir R. Holmes courting Grace.

1677 Saturday, November 3rd
I wrote to Brother J. Hooke about Grace and Sir R. Holmes.

1677 Tuesday, November 20th
DH. on Brothers turkey.

1677 Thursday, December 6th
Harry broke great Glasse.

1677 Saturday, December 8th
Met Grew at Martins, and discoursed at Jonathons. He would have been to sit at the table at the meeting. He was going to Hill slyly, bragged of Brother. I told him of my former abuses, etc.

1677 Tuesday, December 25th
Wrote to Leeuwenhoeck, to Mr. Newton, and Brother J. Hooke, sent them by the post.

1677/8 Saturday, February 16th
Wrote Kings answer to addresse to Brother J. Hooke.

1677/8 Tuesday, February 26th
Mr. Young told me of Grace sick of the measles.

1677/8 Wednesday, February 27th.
This Morning Brother Hooke Died.

1677/8 Friday, March 1st.
calld on Nell. heard of Fatall news of Brother John Hooke's death from Newland Hayles.

1677/8 Saturday, March 2nd.
to Sir J. Hoskins with Crawley about Brother J. Hooke. with Scowen. with Sir Ch: Wren. Spake to the King for Brother J. Hooke's estate. he sayd Sir R. Holmes had beggd it for wife and child. DH. Sent Crawley upon Mr. Davys horse to Isle of Wight. Gave him 40sh. Street at Jonathons, also Hill.

1677/8 Sunday, March 3rd
ill all day...miserere mei deus.

1677/8 Monday, March 4th.
At Mr. Smith spoke to Mr. Secretary Williamson about Brother’s goods and to Mr. Cooke….
DH at Mr. Newlands, Mark Lane. to Allain view at Temple Hall. W:9. at Jonathons, then at Garways with Hill, Hoskins etc.

1677/8 Wednesday, March 6.
Received letter from Crawley he Returned at night...Crawley returned from Wight, spent 16s. 8d., returned 23s. 4d. Slept at Jonathons.

1677/8 Thursday, March 7th
to Sir R. Holmes. Missd him at the house.

1677/8 Friday, March 8th
Spake with Sir R. Holmes and with Mr. Boyle.

1677/8 Saturday, March 9th
with Crawley to Dr. Whistlers about Sir R. Holmes and Kerry to Rolls, 1s. 6d. newport noe Grant of Drodands. to bloomsberry. Dind with Attorney Generall.

1677/8 Sunday, March 10th
at Dr. Whistlers abed. drank Steel wine. DH. Spake to Sir R. Holmes etc.

1677/8 Friday, March 15th
Received letter from Grace by Dr. Harrison son: at Garways.

1678 Friday, April 5th
Sent Mary to Hewet. not come...DH. fish. at George to find Hewet...payd Mary her wages for All the last year £4.

1678 Wednesday, April 10th.
Spake to Newland about Newport Corporation, Sir R. Holmes, Hailes, King, charter. Attorney Generall, he promised to inform himself. Received letter from Grace and from Wm. Hailes.

1678 Saturday, April 13th
wrote to Grace by Mrs. Hannam asleep.

1678 Friday, April 19th
wrot to Harrison and Grace by Hewet.

1678 Thursday, May 2nd
Received letter from Harrison and Grace etc.

1678 Friday, May 3rd
Wrot to Grace. Received letter from Sir R. Holmes. Sent to Grace by Hewet.

1678 Saturday, May11th
Received a letter from Harrison and talkd with him about Grace.

1678 Monday, May 13th
Missd Sir R. Holmes. at Sir Chr. Wrens, missd him.

1678 Wednesday, May 15th
with Sir R. Holmes. spake with Sir R. Holmes, met Sir R. Southwell and Esq. Vaughan there. Letter by carrier from Grace.

1678 Thursday, May 16th
wrote to Grace angry Letter about her mothers Shirds. ag. at Fish street piller tryd Y experiment it descended at the top about 1/3 of an inch.

1678 Friday, May 18th
Calld on Harrison

1678 Tuesday, May 21st
Received letters from Mr. Young etc, 1 from Mr. Newton, 1 from Dr. Bathurst, 1 from Grace, 1 from Leeuwenhoeck.

1678 Wednesday, May 29th
DH. Slept p.p. prepard chamber for Grace.

1678 Friday, June 7th
Grace came to town by Portsmouth Coach:- subpoenad by Jenkins.

1678 Monday, June 10th
Grace mended coat.

1678 Thursday, June 13th
Grace ill took senna.

1678 Monday, June 24th
Deliverd Grace 6 napkins, 1 table cloth, 6 shag napkins.

1678 Sunday, July 7th
Grace walked with G.J. then T.C.

1678 Saturday, July 27th
with Grace to water with Grace to Mrs. Mayors.

1678 Sunday, August 4th
Grace and Mary at Nells.

1678 Saturday, August 10th
Grace bound Bocconi and Oughtred.

1678 Tuesday, September 24th
Deliverd to Grace for Mr. Hunt 16 Shillings for taylor.

1678 Thursday, October 10th
Crawley made Instrument for pricking maps.

1678 Friday, October 18th
Davys to Southampton.

1678 Sunday, November 10th.
at home till 4. Haak here. DH. Jonathons. Davys returnd told me comfort from Isle of Wight. Newland, Burgess of Southampton. Tompion.

1678 Thursday, November 28th
Grace paid Rutland 3sh. for threed stockings.

1678 Wednesday, December 25th
I paid Crawley £2 10s. 0d. more, he gave me his Receipt.

1678 Thursday, December 26th
at Jonathons, Talkd of mad Poll of R. Grace. ¥.

1678 Friday, December 27th
Grace at Coxes.

1678/79 Sunday, January 12th
DH. Heard of Doll. child by her unkle.

1678/79 Wednesday, January 15th
this morning I gave Grace, Axes stone Ring and speckled silk stockings and Ruby pendule.

1678/9 Friday, March 14th
Grace told me of Edwards.

1678/79 Sunday, March 16th
DH. Walkd with Grace and Crawley.

1678/79 Sunday, March 23rd
Nell here.

1678/9 Sunday, March 30th
DH GG. ¥ walkd with Grace.

1679 Sunday, April 20th
Grace Satten gown.

1679 Wednesday, April 23rd
Grace out.

1679 Thursday, April 24th
Grace out.

1679 Saturday, April 26th
with Grace to Mrs. Storys. Eat at Mrs. Storys. Grace and I home by water.

1679 Friday, May 9th
Grace out, I discharged her.

1679 Saturday, May 24th
Grace out. Dischargd her.

1679 Thursday, June 19th
Chid Grace for fellow.

1679 Sunday, July 20th
Maynard with Grace.

1679 Thursday, July 24th
Grace sick at stomack with fruit.

1679 Friday, July 25th
Grace ill.....Grace is desparately sick, took Jusus. croc: metal. 3ii. She is very sick taking burnt wine etc. diascord. continued ill all night.- I slept very ill.

1679 Tuesday, August 19th
Land redeemed by Newport.

1679 Sunday, August 24th
Saw Grace Co. Ha.

1679 Thursday, September 18th
Grace with Green.

1679 Saturday, October 18th
Grace bound 2nd volume of china and Zimmerman.

1679 Saturday, October 25th
Grace out all day.

1679 Sunday, November 2nd
Chid Grace about Edwards.

1679 Sunday, November 9th
DH. Nell Young here.

1679 Saturday, December 6th
Grace yellow peticoate.

1679/80 Thursday, January 1st
Crawley refused working. At Jonathons, 1sh. DH. to Mr. Hills. Payd Crawley in full of all accounts £5 and took his Receipt and Discharge.

1679/80 Tuesday, January 13th
a bill of 7s. for Mr. Whitchurch for Grace.

1679/80 Monday, January 19th
At Garways payd Whitchurch for Graces physick 7sh and gave him 5sh. for Gloves.

1679/80 Wednesday, March 3rd
Grace out.

1680 Saturday, April 24th
gave Grace 20sh.

1680 Sunday, May 2nd
Paid Grace 20sh.

1680 Wednesday, June 9th
Grace taxed 20sh for crape.

1680 Saturday, June 19th
Left Grace 20s.

1680 Monday, July 5th
Paid Grace 5sh.

1680 Saturday, August 21st
Grace out all day. I discharged her.

1680 Wednesday, August 25th
Reckoned with Grace.

1680 Monday, August 30th
Grace out.

1680 Wednesday, September 8th
Sent home to Grace 15 bookes.

1680 Tuesday, September 14th
Grace worse.

1680 Saturday, September 25th
Grace fell.

1680 Wednesday, November 24th
Gave Grace 35sh. for striped gown.

1680 Tuesday, December 14th
Garways and paid Mary 20sh., Grace 20sh.

1680 Sunday, December 19th
Grace dr. D.

1680 Friday, December 24th
Grace 10sh.