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The John Hooke Tragedy

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The Inventory of John Hooke, Clerk, of Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Source: Hampshire Record Office. 1648 B/09/2
All monetary values given in - s - d.
In the inventory, "It" is used as a contraction of the latin word "Item", meaning 'also, likewise'.

An Inventorie taken the ixth day of November, 1648 of all and singular the goods and chattelles of John Hooke late of ffreshwater in the Isle of wight and County of South Clerk and are praysed by Mr Cardell Goodman Mr Robert Urrey, and, Mr Nickles Hockley, Gent and Thomas Rayner Youman
The Study
Inprimis in readie Moneycv - o - o
It in Bands[torn] - 4 - 4
It his Bookes and wearing apparrell[torn] - o - o
The Parler
It a Table Bord and six stooles[torn] - v - o
It a cuberdi - o - [torn]
It 3 chayerso - vi - o
It 4 littell stooleso - ii - o
It one formeo - i - o
It the wainschote and bencheso - xvi - o
It 6 cushenso - iii - o
It one pare of Gold waiteso - ii - o
It one pare of Dogs a pare of tongs a fier shouell & a pare of Beloweso - vi - o
It two smothing steeleso - i - o
The Haul
It a table and a forme & benches & shelueso - viii - o
It a cuberd and a chayero - xii - o
It 5 pare of hangers and one pare of andirons 1 fender, one gridiron one trivet 4 Iron wedges two spittes one frying pan two pare of pothookeso - xii - o
It one beame and one pare of skalleso - ii - o
The Buterie
It all the Brassevi - x - o
It all the Pewterv - x - o
It all the vessilles and shelues and all other lumberyi - iiii - o
The Kitchen
It a furnace & a kittelli - x - o
It two washstoneso - x - o
It a querne and a trow [trough]o - x - o
It for other lumberyi - o - o
without doores
It the Woodi - o - o
The loft over the Parler
It all the pilowliares and sheetesx - o - o
It the table lininiii - o - o
It one bedstead & curtaynes & rugge & one pare of blankets two feather Bolsters and a feather Bed and two pillowesvi - o - o
It 3 chests one trunck & a littell round table & a wicker chayer & a carpeti - x - o
It one pare of [torn][torn] - i - o
It 4 Silver spoones[torn] - o - o
It one warming panne[torn] - v - o
The loft over the Haul
It 2 beds 2 bedsteads & furnituer therto belongingx - x - o
It 3 chests a trunck and a chayeri - o - o
The loft over the Butterie
It the Bed & beddingiiii- o - o
It a chest box and other lumberyo - x - o

Suma totalis    CCCCLxxxiiii - v - x

Cardell Goodman
Robert Urry
Nich Hockley