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Is this the face of Robert Hooke?

The Tragedy of John Hooke,
Being the Strange and Shocking Story
Robert Hooke's Brother.

How were the following characters connected by Science, Sex and Suicide?

The Scientist :   Robert Hooke, the world renowned inventor and technician, who quarrelled with Isaac Newton.
        The Grocer : John Hooke, brother of Robert Hooke and impecunious Newport grocer,who became Mayor of Newport twice.
              The Governor :Sir Robert Holmes. Cavalier sea captain. Appointed Governor of the Isle of Wight. Very much an aggressive naval man.
                      Grace Hooke : John Hooke's daughter. Lived in London with her uncle. Coquettish flirt or unfortunate plaything?
           Nell Young : Loyal servant of Robert Hooke, who acted as his informant.

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