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April 2020

;April 2020
The coronavirus lockdown has inevitably resulted in the shutdown of heritage venues throughout the Island. They will be hoping they can reopen before summer is out. It might create difficulties for some if the lockdown continues.
   The most prominent shutdowns have been the council's museums and their other heritage venues. Some staff will maintain a limited facility to meet enquiries, albeit mostly working from home. The Archaeology Service will continue to support the planning process. It is nevertheless a developing crisis and there are no guarantees this situation will be maintained.
  Many venues, such as heritage centres, are manned by volunteers and do not rely on an entry charge, so hopefully their closure will not create too many financial difficulties. On the other hand, museums which charge for admission may do so to cover some overheads. They might suffer financially if their closure is extended. Major venues like Northwood House have already been forced to cancel existing bookings, presumably with a loss of revenue, although government support measures might help.
  Perhaps the most unfortunate closure has been Carisbrooke Castle Museum. They had spent much time and effort in arranging for the exhibition of Saxon treasures discovered on the Island. Many are on loan from the British Museum and have not been seen here since their discovery 150 years ago. Carisbrooke Museum was forced to close just a few days after they issued their press release promoting the exhibition's opening. It was due to run until November.

Saxon exhibition The Saxon exhibition room at Carisbrooke Castle Museum.