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April 2022

April 2022
The explosion of interest in history arising though Facebook sites has developed independent of traditional historical services. In its latest Guildhall Exhibition, the Island's Heritage Service acknowledges the style and photographic content offered by social media and seeks to follow it to entice users from their deskbound activity.
   There can be no doubt the Facebook sites have revealed a sizable community interested in the recent past. Some of the content might be seen as comforting nostalgia rather than pertinent history, but there is no denying the wealth of interesting photos drawn from people's personal memorabilia. These might otherwise never have reached the public domain and have added to a view of the Island in its development from the late 19th century.
   Like most museums, past exhibitions at the Guildhall have concentrated on artefacts rather than two dimensional images. In contrast, this latest event concentrates on a photographic record of Newport's past. Two free open mornings were well attended, with some visitors bringing their own examples. There are plans to take portable exhibitions to other locations, notably schools.
   It will be interesting to see how the exhibition develops. It coincides with the national launch of Historic England From the Air, covering a century of aerial photography. Any increase in a community interest in heritage must be welcomed, although a concentration on the photographic age might create an imbalance in the historical record.

Medina railway
Newport photos from the Guildhall Exhibition