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October 2021

October 2021
There can be few developments that have involved such exceptional conditions and abnormal delays in completing a planning application. Where are we now?
   The four phase planning application only included phase 1 as a full application, leaving some to worry that the three outline phases might never be developed, particularly the phase 4 industrial section. The solution for the Planning Committee was to pass the application on condition phase 4 was developed in parallel with the phase 1, thus requiring the developer to apply for full planning permission for phase 4.
   It's not clear what 'developed in parallel' means, as planning permission would not normally determine if and when a development is undertaken. It seems this unusual condition called for a particular legal agreement between council and developer. In February 2020 we reported this protracted negotiation had reached a conclusion with a signed agreement, but It subsequently emerged there were further delays as disputes arose over legal costs.
   This too was subsequently settled but months have passed without any indication the developer intended to proceed with what could be a less rewarding option.
   However, the developer's newly appointed planning agent has now confirmed the phase 4 process is underway, while pointing out there is a great deal of work involved in preparing the application.

medina yard plan
The above plan shows all phases. Phase 1 is to the right of the hammerhead crane, but includes the crane. Phase 4 is essentially the large industrial units at far left. The full application may differ from the outline application and is not without complications. It will have to accommodate the flood risk and deal with general site dilapidation, as in phase 1. It will presumably need to provide temporary relocation of some existing on site businesses.