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BAPTIST, John Portrait and tapestry painter.
BLOODWORTH, Sir Thomas Vintner. Alderman of the City of London. Mayor of the City of London at the time of the Great Fire of 1666, mentioned by Pepys. Died 1682.
BRADSHAW, Bette One of Robert Hooke's servants.
frequented by Robert Hooke
Garaways (Garways)
CRAWLEY, Thomas Assistant to Robert Hooke.
DIODATI, Dr. Theodore A local physician.
EDWARDS A young man with whom Grace Hooke was consorting.
FITCH, Mr. John Master bricklayer employed by Wren and Hooke in re-building of City churches.
FITCH, Tom Master bricklayer, said to have made a large fortune on re-building the Fleet ditch. Brother of John Fitch.
GIDLY, Dr. Physician who attended Robert,Grace Hooke and Tom Gyles.
GYLES, Robert Robert and John Hooke's cousin. His father was the brother of the mother of the Hooke brothers. Merchant from Brading, Isle of Wight. Father of Tom Giles.
GYLES, Tom Son of Robert Giles. Sent to live with Robert Hooke in London.
HAAK, Theodore (1605-90) Translator. Came to England in 1625. During the Commonwealth, he was employed in obtaining foreign intelligence and translating documents. Had much to do with the foundation of the Royal Society and was an original fellow. Good friend of Robert Hooke.
HARRISON, Dr. Edward Newport physician and family friend of John Hooke's family. Buried in Newport 29 Feb. 1679/80.
10 Aug. 1669 Newport Old Ledger Book (NBC/45/2 f.190v)
Ffree Burgesses of this Burrough
Edward Harrison Doctor of Physick
HARRY See HUNT, Harry.
HEWET Carrier between London and the Isle of Wight, employed by the Hooke brothers.
HOLMES, Sir Robert Well-known admiral. Governor of the Isle of Wight.
HUNT, Harry Became an assistant to Robert Hooke and to the Royal Society as a boy, and served the Society in the capacity of operator, housekeeper and draughtsman. Referred to in diary as "Harry".
LORD, Doll One of Robert Hooke's servants.
MAYNARD, William Father of John Hooke's wife, Elizabeth. Prominent Newport grocer.
ORCHYARD, Bette One of Robert Hooke's servants.
ROBINSON, Mary One of Robert Hooke's servants.
SCARBOROUGH, Sir Charles (1616-94) Physician. Fellow of the Royal Society. Appointed physician to Charles II. Very interested in mathematics.
STORY, Abraham Master mason.
TILLOTSON, Dr. Archbishop of Canterbury.
TOMPION Famous London watchmaker, who collaborated closely with Robert Hooke.
TUES, Mrs. Seems to have been a provider of female servants - a sort of servant 'pimp'.
WEY [WAY], James Tenant of property on the Isle of Wight belonging to Robert Hooke.
WHITCHURCH, Mr. Apothecary.
WINDSOR, Mrs. Kept the school where Grace Hooke was educated.
WREN, Sir Christopher Famous London architect, with whom Robert Hooke worked closely on the rebuilding of London, after the Great Fire of 1666.
YOUNG, Nell One of Robert Hooke's servants. She developed a close relationship with him. Acted as an 'informer', passing on local and personal news to Robert Hooke.