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Our regular monthly publication of selected items from the council's
heritage collection is now concluded and the page contains over 40 items, most
of which rarely find their way into public exhibitions. The page is here

Our series of extracts from the Isle of Wight Historic Environment Record
included nearly 300 sites. They are archived here

Heritage Statements are raised as part of the planning process. They can sometimes involve comprehensive research and/or archaeological evaluation. Unfortunately they frequently only exist imbedded in online planning records. We have created links to a selection of statements here

Monthly News Item

Sadly the monthly news item has been discontinued. Full text of all past items still remains and can be searched.
Archive of previous news items


click on headings
Isle of Wight Family History Society
One of the Island's most frequently visited sites. A comprehensive service for those wishing to trace their own history

Isle of Wight Heritage Organisations
A list of museums, heritage centres and societies. Local knowledge, collections and archives, serving tourists and residents

The National Archives
The major national resource now offers comprehensive online facilities. Over 11 million documents are referenced and can be searched via keywords. Copies of documents can be ordered online

Current Publications
A list of books and maps in print, complete with some reviews. A page from the Isle of Wight Nostalgia site, a useful source for recent history

Medieval Resource Assessment
An extensive record of archaeological reports, published history, research documents and existing structures. A summary of Medieval Wight

Britain From Above
The first batch of photos from the huge Aerofilms archive have now been posted, including those of the Island. This site should provide a useful record of post WW1 developments.

The Isle of Wight
in Google Books
A growing number books and journals can be accessed. Here are links to a list of historic IW books which are available for full viewing.

Neolithic-Bronze Age Resource Assessment
A report detailing and interpreting features and finds on the Island. Compiled by the IW Archaeology Service
Isle of Wight County Record Office
A guide to the available facilities and procedures for using the Island's main historical research centre at Newport

Carisbrooke Castle Museum
A comprehensive local history library and a large collection of artefacts available for research. They also offer museum study days and teaching resources

Ann's Page
A comprehensive starting point for local Family History enquiries, covering a range of occupations, together with some more general features

Roman Wight
A detailed survey of archaeological resources and what they tell us about Roman activity on the Island

Isle of Wight
Local Studies Collection
The collection includes books, newspapers, journals, parish magazines and trade directories, mostly held at Somerton Library Headquarters.

IW Resource Assessment
Early Medieval Period
Summary of archaeological developments covering Anglo Saxon through to Norman Conquest: complete with references.

Late Bronze Age/Iron Age
Resource Assessment
Outline of IW archaeological evidence, covering a period that has seen considerable developments in recent years.

Military HEAP Type Report
From the Archaeology Service, covering personnel, equipment and the physical area occupied by armed forces during human occupation of the Island.

Bombing Britain
Enter wight in the quick search for details of WWII bombing raids on the Island. The details are limited. You need to pay to register for full access to a considerable range of digitised wartime documents.
The Yarmouth Archives
A comprehensive list of historical documents and artefacts held by Yarmouth Town Trust.

Pathe News Archive

A treat for students of modern history. Download free film clips from the entire Pathe archive, dating from the 1920s. A search on 'wight' has over 170 hits. Read FAQ's before embarking on the download process

Historical Directories
Browse or search the text in a range of trade directories dating from the 18th century. Select Hampshire location for IW entries.

East Cowes Heritage Centre
In addition to regular exhibitions, this centre now has a considerable archive, particularly covering local industrial and municipal developments

Hampshire Record Office
Search Hampshire records. An important resource for Isle of Wight related documents

Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Resource Assessment
A summary of Island discoveries with details of archaeological reports and published works

Post Medieval And Modern Isle of Wight
A resource assessment charting the social and industrial developments that shaped the Island, creating the environment we see today.

The Isle of Wight in the English Landscape
A PhD Thesis giving an in-depth analysis of medieval and post-medieval rural settlement and land use, placing the Island's historic landscape in a national context.

Maritime Vectis in the
Pre-Roman Age
A detailed analysis and interpretation of evidence for the Island's cross-Channel pre-Roman trading, providing a comprehensive guide to Iron Age sites.


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Outline Island History
Overview of the Islands past from 2000 BC to the present day. A useful starting point

IW in 19th cent American journals
Old journals are increasingly coming online. Here are some excerpts regarding the Island, plus a link to a journal site.

IW Historic Postcards
An excellent record of much that is lost, including railways and piers, plus outline histories of West Wight towns and the story of Cowes Customs

Island Eye
Click on 'Island History' and select the type of features you're interested in to see them located on a map, with access to further information.

The Island's past on YouTube

A growing number of You Tube movies are on subjects pertaining to the Island's past. A selection are listed here

Isle of Wight Timeline of History
List of over 400 events and incidentals contributing to the Island's history

BBC h2g2 Pages on the Isle of Wight
This page opens with details of IW shipwrecks. From here there are links to pages on various Island subjects including a comprehensive survey of Anglo-Saxon Wight plus reviews of piers, hovercraft and more. This site is worth a revisit as it continues to gain subjects

Historic Attractions for Visitors
A list of local museums, exhibitions and galleries

Isle of Wight Photographs
Search for Isle of Wight to bring up hundreds of Island photographs from the 1870s to 1960s, covering over 30 locations

British History Online
An extensive history for each of the Island's towns and villages; covering manors, churches and other features. Complete with source references.

Gallery of Isle of Wight Photographs
A large collection of past postcards and photos, from the IW Family History Society
Island Archaeology
Excellent introduction to archaeological periods and significant local features

Famous Residents and Visitors
Profiles of a host people who have helped put the Island on the map

IW Towns and Parishes
A family history site which includes a history of each parish, concentrating on churches and their associated clergy and patrons.

Images of England from English Heritage
An illustrated database of listed buildings. Select IW County to see local items. Note the Quick search limits selection. Register (free) for Advanced to gain full access

Local Listed Buildings on the Isle of Wight
About the Local List scheme with a link to the complete list of those buildings included so far.

Visitors Guide to IW Heritage Attractions

Places of interest from the official Visit Isle of Wight website. Listed sites can be tailored to your location.


click on headings
Wight Air Crashes
The results of a major research project identifying air crashes in and around the Island from 1913 onward

Brading History
The story of one of the Island's most historic towns and its surviving features

Bembridge Lifeboat Station
A timeline covering the lifeboats, crews and events

Hants & IW Trust for Maritime Archaeology
Reports on coastal and maritime archaeological projects. Currently featuring the Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War project.

The Royal Yacht Squadron
The history of the club and its castle

Naval Ships of J S White
A list of naval ships built by J S White from 1914. Includes full size photo and various details of each ship

Paddle Steamer 'Ryde'
The story of the paddle steamer rusting away at Island Harbour, now to be dismantled

Bartie's Hovercraft History Site
A history of hovercraft development complete with many pictures, including early examples

Isle of Wight sections of Taylor's 1759 map
Renewed site with better quality reproduction and faster loading. Scroll down page for IW sections

IW Memorials and Monuments
Every type of commemoration is covered. You will be amazed how many there are

The Binstead
Sheela Na Gig
Sheela Na Gig
An insight into the early stone carving over the church gate. Not for the prudish.

The IW Metal Detecting Club
News of their most recent finds with quality reproduction of past finds, from Bronze Age to Victorian

Cowes Heritage
New website for the society, with features and galleries covering Cowes and the surrounding area.

Historic Ryde Society
Formed to raise funds for a permanent visitor centre. The website contains forthcoming events, articles and galleries.

Victorian Town Trading on the Isle of Wight
A highly detailed directory of late 19th century shops and industries operating in Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor, Newport, Cowes and Ryde.

History of IW Quarrying and Brickmaking
An outline history covering the location of sites and the some of the operators who contributed to the provision of the Island's building materials.

The Island's Walled
Kitchen Gardens
Results of the survey carried out by the IW Gardens Trust. Includes background, history, distribution maps and details of each location.
(PDF file)

Domesday Wight
Complete IW Domesday Book entries, together with associated maps showing manors and place names.

The Rowlandson
Images of the council's collection of paintings by Thomas Rowlandson and others, capturing Island life in the 1790s

The Story of Browns
Golf Course
The history of the renowned Sandown leisure attraction and its founder, Alexander Kennedy.

Niton Smugglers
A highly detailed account of the numerous people and places involved in Niton's extensive smuggling past.

Island Sea Forts
Location map of Island forts together with a brief history of coastal defences

Marfleet Postcards
Numerous Island postcard pictures from the 1920's, mostly West Wight

Red Funnel History
A comprehensive history of the company and cross solent travel from 1820, including details of the vessels

The Mary Rose
The history and current preservation of the Solent's most famous ship, from the official site

Bartie's Isle of Wight Postcards
Old cards listed per town. Contibutions invited. Good image reproduction

The Isle of Wight Steam Railway
IW railway history plus timetables and events, The official steam railway site.

Isle of Wight Aviation
An outline history of the Island's airfields, aircraft and manufacturers, dating from the First World War

Quarr Abbey Past and Present
The official Quarr Abbey site, providing a history of both medieval and modern abbeys and their founders

Historic Island Art
at the Tate
The Tate collection has numerous Island paintings and sketches, including many by Turner. Enter wight in the search box.

The Island Workhouse
The story of Newport's 18th cent 'House of Industry'

Ryde Social Heritage Group
Previously concentrating on Ryde cemetery, this site is now extended to cover the town's social history

More about dinosaurs. The history of Island palaeontology, with links to fossil details and local geology

Picture of the Isle of Wight
Complete reproduction of George Brannon's 1849 publication. Pictures can be enlarged

Solent Ferries
Postcard photos covering dozens of ferries, from the 1880s to the present day

Megalithic Monuments
Details and some pictures of prehistoric monuments. Opens at page giving guidelines for care when visiting. Enter 'wight' in search box at top left for Island locations

Palaeolithic Priory Bay
All too brief report on one of the nations richest palaeolithic sites, recovering over a thousand flint artefacts.

RAF Ventnor
Covering all aspects of the RAF's presence, including a comprehensive explanation of the main radar station and its system

History and Townscape of Ryde
Comprehensive PDF file from planning dept, tracing developments that account for today's historic features.

Vision of IW Through Time
Search for wight and select various options including statistics showing two centuries of change in various social categories.

Classic Boat Museum
Website of the Newport museum, including details of their collection and archive facilities.

Vectis Cement Works
A page on the Medina Cement Works from a website covering nationwide cement operations

Dinosaur Island
The story of dinosaur discoveries in general and on the Island in particular. What they were and where they can be found locally

Professor 'Earthquake' Milne
The Shide scientist who fathered seismology. Honoured by the Japanese, but for many years, all but unknown here.

Past Ordnance Survey Maps
This site now includes maps covering 19th and 20th cent. Search for a particular town or click on 'GAZ' to use the gazetteer

Brading Roman Villa
Future plans and appeals for preserving the Island's premier villa plus archaeological background and the history of its discovery

Julia Margaret Cameron Trust
The famous Victorian photographic artist and Dimbola Lodge Museum devoted to her work

Dinosaur Isle
Dinosaurs, fossils and much more. A comprehensive site centred around the dinosaur museum at Sandown.

Shorwell's Medieval Wall Painting
An analysis of the renowned Medieval wall painting in St Peter's Church

The Wanton Worsleys
Full transcript of the sensational 1782 adultery trial that exposed her Ladyship's promiscuity and Sir Richard's shame
(temporarily unavailable)

Smugglers' Britain
Full text of the book. The story of smuggling stripped of its mythology. Select 'Southern England' for IW section.

George Brannon's Vectis Scenery
Complete text and engravings of Brannon's famous 1848 publication. High resolution versions of the pictures on separate page

The Needles Battery
The full story of the old and new batteries, plus the rocket site. Includes photo gallery

Back of the Wight Ships' Graveyard
Journals and pictures covering the wrecks, lifeboats and the men who served in them

Disused IW Railway Stations
Map location and plenty of detail about each of the many stations that once served the Island's railways

Wootton Bridge Historical
A very comprehensive site, covering every historical aspect of Wootton and the surrounding district.

Cowes Floating Bridge
The story of the floating bridge with numerous photos showing its development

Ventnor Funicular Railway
The ambitious Edwardian plans for cable cars to up to St Boniface Down

A Gentleman's Tour
Retracing a journey recorded in a gentleman's journal, including IW locations.

Benjamin Franklin's
visit to IW
The great man gives his own account of his criminal activities at Yarmouth.

Village Pumps
A review and photographic record of many of the Island's village pumps.

The 1775
John Andrews Map
Second edition of one of the Island's most important maps. It can be fully enlarged to show detailed topography.

The History of Isle
of Wight Hospitals
A comprehensive and detailed history of the Island's hospitals, past and present.


click on headings
What are the Moons Hill Structures ?
Solving the mystery of the two domed oddities between Freshwater and Alum Bay

The Earliest Example of Concrete Housing?
Recent research has revealed a unique 19th cent building in East Cowes - a milestone in construction methods

The Alum in Alum Bay
Investigation into the obscure 17th cent alum working from which Alum Bay takes its name

Medieval Newtown
A background to the archaeological importance of Newtown plus an insight into its medieval layout

Isle of Wight Fulling Mills
The history and location of Island fulling mills plus a review of the fulling process and its place in the wool industry

Isle of Wight Rocket Man
John Dennett of Carisbrooke was at the forefront of rocket development from the 1820s. Designed, tested and manufactured on the Island

Carolina, Cowes and the Rice Trade
Everything you ever wanted to know about the 18th century Carolina rice trade, including its importance to the Cowes economy

The Cowes Giant Cantilever Crane
The story of the 'hammerhead' crane and its historical importance to the shipbuilding industry, both nationally and locally.

The Lost Windmill of West Cowes
The story of the windmill, including an insight into early 19th century Island life

Minor Fortifications of the Isle of Wight
An examination of some of the early minor defences protecting a vulnerable island, including an analysis of the methods employed

Discovering Isle of Wight Sundials

A survey of the Island's varied range of sundials and the history surrounding them.

The PLUTO Installation
at Hungerberry Copse

Location, technical details and operational context of the WW2 pipeline reservoir, TOTO, that was sited at Shanklin.

The Island's
World War II Decoy Sites

Details of sites at Newtown and Bembridge which were part of a national project designed to mislead the enemy as to intended plans.

Corruption of evidence
on a Grade II listed site
A full report covering the corruption of evidence by the heritage authorities in order to retain the listing of the engine house at Sandown's Browns golf course.

The Rise and Fall of Northwood House
How seven generations of the Ward family created and lost a dynasty.
Science Sex and Suicide
A 17th century saga involving the Scientist, the Grocer, the Governor and Grace. Events surrounding Robert Hooke.

The Island's 18th cent Paper Mill
A summary of what little has been discovered about the mill plus an insight into papermaking of the period

The History of Bembridge Isle
The first complete work of Island history on the Net. Fresh research throws new light on the area's past.

From East Cowes
to St Petersburg

An Island contribution to a site on Russian shipbuilding history. The story of Joseph Noy, an Island shipbuilder who became a key naval architect to Peter the Great

Victorian Photos of the Isle of Wight
Unlike the usual 'scenic' views, these delightful photos are from a family album which seems to give them a different historical perspective

A Database of Island Photographers
This site is the result of considerable research, providing many photos and biographies of trading photographers over the period 1860-1940

IW Industrial Archaeology Society
Past projects and schedule of talks. Links to national IA sites and organisations

IW Furniture Makers
Extensive research shows the Island had many 18/19th century cabinet and chair makers, but what became of their products?

Newport's Tide Mill
The location of Newport's early 18th century tide mill, together with the history of its surroundings

Was the Island Home to the First Catamaran?
The intriguing story of a 17th century catamaran design, 200 years before the concept was rediscovered.

WWII Markers Shelter
at Chale

A survey of this surviving feature and a description of its central role in an Air to Ground gunnery range.

The PLUTO Route from
Shanklin to Sandown

Tracing the route of the WWII pipeline that ran from Shanklin to the pumping station on Sandown seafront.

IW Fire Brigades

Existing and impending publications, with selected articles covering the history of the brigades.

1944 Church Litten
Gravestone Transcriptions

List of grave names and their precise location in the Church Litten graveyard, recorded in preparation for it being cleared, to become Newport's recreation space.
'Gouda' Bricks at Whippingham Church
Report on unusual bricks discovered under the foundations of the church wall

Isle of Wight Brickmaking History
An extract from the wealth of data now available on past brickmakers. Includes site location map, brickmaking methods and local brickwork

The 'Time Team' Yaverland Excavations
Channel 4's web coverage of the TV dig. Scroll down to episode 12. An important Island site, with evidence of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon settlement.

Earliest Scenes of the Isle of Wight
A look at four recently unearthed 17th century pen and wash drawings of Island scenes

Portable Antiquities Scheme
Important finds of metal detectorists are recorded in this national site. Select IW county to raise details of local finds.

Calbourne Roller Mill
The story of one of the Island's most important pieces of industrial archaeology.
Updated: now includes a movie explaining the roller mill

The Minor Defences of Yarmouth
There were probably a considerable number of minor redoubts supplementing our known forts. This research locates and explains a 'lunette' fortification at Yarmouth

The Ryde Inventor and his 'Arab' Bicycle
Forgotten local inventor, John Harrington, who's bicycle was credited with stimulating cycling in America

Historic Environment Action Plan
Scroll down the page for links to an introduction and detailed assessmant of each area. The council are inviting comments on planning considerations arising out of the project

Isle of Wight County, Virginia
The development of the other Isle of Wight and its part in early American settlement.

The Story of Isle of Wight Quakers
A comprehensive history of local Quakerism, dating from 1657.

PLUTO Pump-houses
at Shanklin
A comprehensive survey of the pump-houses that were located at Shanklin, with technical details illustrating this feat of wartime engineering.

Hidden Heroes
The Hidden Heroes project is now well underway. This page links to the story of each individual as they are included.

The King's Highway
A comprehensive survey of how the Island's 19th century Highway Commissioners established the toll gates that shaped our roads.


click on headings
December-March 2000
-Unusual kiln discovered
-Iron Age Vineyards at Mersley ?
-Ice House Uncovered
-Archaeological Coastal Audit

July-September 2000
-Tide Mill location discovered
-Science, Sex and Suicide
-Limekiln uncovered

January-March 2001
-Sherd of Roman flagon found
-New historical organisation
-Mysterious skeleton found

July-September 2001
- WW1 Pacifist Graffiti
-Brading Amphora Identified
-Fort Victoria Searchlight

January-March 2002
- St Urian's Chapel
- Brighstone Forest Survey
- Paper Mill Discovery

July-September 2002
-Cowes Hammerhead Crane
-Brading Villa Excavations
-Rowlandson Exhibition

January-March 2003
-Limekiln industry at Brading
-Internet research traces shipbuilder
-Chillerton Iron Age rampart

July-September 2003
-Forthcoming Iron Age archaeology
-Underground chamber at Shanklin
-Ryde inventor of the tin opener

January-March 2004
-Robert Hooke portrait controversy
-Heritage plan for Osborne Stables
-Carisbrooke Roman Villa

July-September 2004
-Unofficial site of Roman Occupation
-John Speed's dotted line
-Cowes hammerhead crane

January-March 2005
-The Halsgrove history series
-Mottistone limekiln
-East Cowes archaeology

July-September 2005
-Archaeology at Pan
-Saxon graves at Shalfleet
-Neolothic farm project

January-March 2006
-17th century low income housing
-Local History Month
-Parkhurst Forest water features

July-September 2006
-Neolithic farm project
-Hydraulic rams
-Historic Environment Action Plan

January-March 2007
-Hammerhead crane trust
-Cowes 17th cent glassworks
-Mottistone limekiln renovation

July-September 2007
-Inexplicable military structures
-The local list project
-Carisbrooke leper hospital

January-March 2008
-Charles I and the maid
-Isle of Wight Heritage Centre
-Medina valley geophysical survey

July-September 2008
-Newport's paraffin pump
-Sandown spy documents: part 2
-Carbon dating of coastal features

January-March 2009
-Yaverland Battery
-Yafford Mill
-Excavation on the Motkin Boundary

July-September 2009
-The Aerofilms Archive
-Medieval well at Newport
-The Thing in the Pond

January-March 2010
-Newtown brickworks
-WW2 resistance hideouts
-Solent World Heritage Site

July-September 2010
-An Iron Age summer?
-Mersley limekiln
-Brading Villa excavations

January-March 2011
-Newport's medieval boundary
-Heritage Review postponed
-Town Museum for Ryde

July-September 2011
-Decisions on Whippingham School
-Saxons at Wellow
-Unexplained building at Newtown

January-March 2012
-Guide to maritime archaeology
-Georgian sketchbook
-Archaeological ambivalence

July-September 2012
-The Heritage Service Review
-Motkin Boundary gets a date
-13th century Medina timbers

January-March 2013
-The Wootton-Quarr project
-Heritage Service cuts
-The future of Yaverland Battery

July-September 2013
-Council reconsider guildhall project
-Progress on crane repairs
-Brading Villa prehistory

January-March 2014
-Arreton's Gore Cross archaeology
-Conference on Island Heritage
-Council assets at risk

July-September 2014
-The white sand trade
-The Asda site and Neanderthals
-The Local List reorganised

January-March 2015
-Museum for J.S. White's shipyard
-Budget cuts to the Heritage Service
-Flowers Brook archaeology

July-September 2015
-Hammerhead crane progress
-Flowers Brook archaeology
-The Stenbury Manor collection

January-March 2016
-WWII raid at St Lawrence?
-Lidar technology in archaeology
-Ravens return to the crane

July-September 2016
-Bouldnor's mesolithic archaeology
-Enclosure on Tennyson Down
-The Marine Antiquities Scheme

January-March 2017
-J S White events
-PLUTO and the Grand Hotel
-Changes in industrial archaeology

July-September 2017
-Hammerhead crane repairs
-Robin Hill archaeology
-The Sandown pavilion dispute

January-March 2018
-Cowes shipbuilding museum
-Dodnor cement kilns
-Newport Power Station and planning

July-September 2018
-Historic England scandal at Sandown
-Cement kiln Open Day at Dodnor
-The Hidden Heroes project

January-March 2019
-Dodnor archaeology report published
-Last chance for Pan archaeology
-Conserving Roman mosaics

July-September 2019
-A proposed Newport heritage centre
-The future of Cowes Medina Yard
-Renovation of St Cross Mill

January-March 2020
-The record office merry-go-round
-Medina Yard development
-Carisbrooke planning application

July-September 2020
-Recording WW1 shipwrecks
-Heritage venues post-lockdown
-Regenerating high streets

January-March 2021
-The mysterious lookout
-Local motorcycle connections
-Archaeology at Golden Hill Fort

July-September 2021
-Romano-British site at Gunville
-The changing high streets
-The Island gets a new museum

January-March 2022
-Yet another Newport Guildhall review
-Gov minister and the Grade II listing
-Golden Hill Fort reports

July-September 2022
-Government Ministry dispute
-Play safe archaeology
-Trust in National Trust
April-June 2000
-Old Island map recovered
-Bronze Age hurdle at Ryde
-Neolithic stone axe found

October-December 2000
-Bronze Age burial mound found
-New discoveries of ''Vectis Ware'
-Island alum history challenged

April-June 2001
-Our New County Archaeologist
-Earliest record of shipbuilding
-Prehistoric hearths

October-December 2001
-History of Island Photographers
-Archaeological discoveries at Lake
-Iron Age bead

April-June 2002
-Isle of Wight Doughnuts
-Recent Intertidal Archaeology
-Earliest Island paintings

October-December 2002
-Yaverland Discoveries Revisited
-Needles mythology questioned
-Island son Robert Hooke

April-June 2003
-Industrial heritage demolished
-WW2 German landing on IW
-The face of Robert Hooke?

October-December 2003
-Roman jewellery trade
-Calbourne roller mill
-Wrecks on our northern shores

April-June 2004
-Niton Tithe Maps
-Mass military finds
-The Cowes Consuls

October-December 2004
-Wootton roller mill
-Deteriorating historic buildings
-A Frenchman's view

April-June 2005
-Early gas generator
-Farm feature uncovered
-Medina Cement site cleared

October-December 2005
-Council cuts in historical facilities
-Alverstone causeways
-Locating the little forts

April-June 2006
-Early parish register discovered
-County Archaeology Service budget
-Cellar complex discovered

October-December 2006
-Reorganisation of Heritage Services
-Military map revealed
-Medina Valley archaeological survey

April-June 2007
-IW Timeline film
-Subterranean structures
-Engine at Priory Bay

October-December 2007
-Post alignment on Seaview sands
-18th century raid on Sandown Fort
-The Historic Environment Record

April-June 2008
-The Island's only heliochronometer?
-Missing file on the Sandown spy
-The vanishing cement kiln

October-December 2008
-Brading Villa's Big Dig
-Salvaged J.S. White material
-Newport Power Station

April-June 2009
-High-tech community archaeology
-East Cowes motor manufacturing
-Whippingham conservation

October-December 2009
-Brading's medieval quay
-The Cowes chain ferry
-Iron Age roundhouse

April-June 2010
-Hammerhead crane at risk
-Hillis brick kiln listed
-Derivation of 'Wight'

October-December 2010
-Council review of heritage services
-Unexplained Medina feature
-The Medina castles

April-June 2011
-Major Newport archaeology
-Powerless to save power houses
-The skeleton key

October-December 2011
-A lesson in industrial conservation
-The hulk of the 'Bee'
-The truth about the crane

April-June 2012
-Unique barn at Brading
-Iron Age site at Northwood
-Portable Antiquities Scheme

October-December 2012
-Movie of our industrial past
-Reassessment of a Stone Age tool
-Pan finally delivers archaeology

April-June 2013
-Saxon helmet revealed
-World War II Y-station at Ventnor
-Kids field walking project

October-December 2013
-The county archive crisis
-The Heritage Strategic Framework
-Why Little London was so named

April-June 2014
-Walled kitchen gardens
-Reflecting on Rowlandson
-The County Press Archive

October-December 2014
-Hammerhead crane progress
-More council cuts to heritage?
-Industrial archaeology rescued

April-June 2015
-Cist burial at Freshwater
-The future of Island museums
-Locating East Cowes Castle

October-December 2015
-Brick museum to be re-established
-Ventnor Y-station Grade II listed
-Confidential collections

April-June 2016
-Historic timbers at Fishbourne
-The forgotten wrecks of WWI
-The Medina Yard development

October-December 2016
-Smuggling clothes out of Cowes
-Archaeology Service relocated
-Browns pavilion not a PLUTO site

April-June 2017
-The future of Newport Harbour
-Archaeological sites discovered
-Renovation of St Cross Mill

October-December 2017
-The Hidden Heroes project
-The location of portable antiquities
-A site for the new Record Office?

April-June 2018
-Future of the crane secured
-Archaeology and planning
-Community archaeology

October-December 2018
-Geophysics survey at Arreton
-Rural community terrorised
-A new County Record Office?

April-June 2019
-Sandown Grade II listing destroyed
-Mystery items
-Newport's harbour walls

October-December 2019
-Archaeology discoveries at Bouldnor
-The overgrown Dodnor cement kilns
-Freshwater's vanishing oddities

April-June 2020
-Coronavirus and heritage venues
-Newport Harbour Masterplan
-Suppressed record office proposal

October-December 2020
-Crowd funding to support a myth
-The reopening of heritage venues
-How to beat the planning process

April-June 2021
-How did so many get it so wrong?
-Changes to planning guidelines
-The reopening of heritage centres

October-December 2021
-Protracted Medina Yard planning
-The missing Roman Villa
-Dodor cement kiln application

April-June 2022
-Heritage Service meets Facebook
-Puckpool's heritage
-Ventnor's WWII Y-station

October-December 2022
-Ministry withholding documents
-New Medina Yard ownership
-Struggling heritage venues

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